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YH-11 Mask Blank Making Machine


YH-11 Mask Blank Making Machine


一. Equipment Brief Description:
1、This machine make for flat folded mask blank, designed with one line automatic mass production from the raw material feeding to the finished products. Which including automatically feeding raw materials, folding, banding, .ultrasonic welding. and  cutting with automatic mechanism, can produce 1-4 layer blank mask,
2、Working processing(Non-Woven fabric) feeding-nose line folding-banding-vltrasonic vertical welding-pressing-(middle) three layer
Folding-vltrasonic horizontal welding-cutting-counting-static electricity remove-final products
二.The structure of equipment:
1.The four layers raw material frames.
2.The nose line roller frame
3.The feed, adjust, cutting system for nose thread.
4.Ultrasonic Hemming and welding Group
5.Ultrasonic vertical wedding system
6.Raw material driving system
7.Folding roller moulds
8.Folding adjust system
9.Raw material press moulds
11.Ultrasonic horizontal wedding system
12.Two ends seal wedding mould
13.cutting moulds
14.conveying line
15.products arrange
三.Equipment main components;
1.Air cylinder: SMC
2.Motor: DongLi
3.Control panel; Mitsubishi
4.Machine body: Aluminum alloy frame, surface treatment: Stainless steel electroplate Chromium, Aluminum positive electrode treatment (black)
5.Spare Parts: Stainless steel, aluminum
四.Raw material specification
1.The machine applicable for Aluminum lines, coated plastics lines; plastic lines nose wire.
2.Raw material size specification:
  The first layer 30g/㎡ Width: 200mm
  The second layer 20-25g/㎡ Width: 175mm
  The third layer 14-20g/㎡ Width: 175mm
  The fouth layer 14-20g/㎡ Width: 175mm
五.Equipment Technical parameters:
1.1-4 layer mask blank. Wide 90 to 100mm adjustable, ×long 125、145、175、180、190㎜
2.Two sets 1400W ultrasonic welding system.
3.1 HPVS motor, speed is adjustable.
4.Voltage: 220V/50HZ, single phase. Consumer power: 5KW
5.Production capacity: 120Pcs/min

Machine Dimensions

2500(L) x 650(W) x 1840(H)mm

Driving Motion

AC Motor & Inverter

Electric Control

Mitisubishi PLC

Control Panel


Power Source

220V, 50/60HZ,1P

Material Application

PP Spunbond & Composition Fibre

Finished Products Size

Standard:175x95mm Special:180x95mm / 145x90mm / 25x90mm


120 pcs / min.


Also applicable for making Omega-type Mask Blank.


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